Registration Open for 2019 Waste Management Conference

Registration is now open for the 2019 Waste Management (WM) conference, which will be held at the Convention Center in Phoenix, Arizona from March 3-7, 2019.


The 2019 WM conference theme is “Encouraging Young Men & Women to Achieve Their Goals in Radwaste Management.”  The conference focus is promoting the next generation of radwaste management professionals, so young professionals are strongly encouraged to get involved.  The 2019 WM conference plans to have several special programs to encourage and support their participation.

The Low-Level Radioactive Waste Forum (LLW Forum) typically organizes a panel for the WM conference titled, Hot Topics and Emerging Issues in U.S. Commercial Low-Level Radioactive Waste Management.  The LLW Forum-organized panel focuses on emerging issues in U.S. commercial low-level radioactive waste management from the perspective of active members of the LLW Forum.  During the panel, state, compact, federal and industry officials share their views on a variety of timely and significant topics related to low-level radioactive waste management, disposal and related issues.


The annual WM conference, presented by WM Symposia (WMS), is an international symposium concerning the safe and secure management of radioactive wastes arising from nuclear operations, facility decommissioning and environmental remediation, as well as storage, transportation and disposal and associated activates.  WMS was founded to provide a forum for discussing and seeking cost-effective and environmentally responsible solutions for the safe management and disposition of radioactive waste and radioactive materials.

The WM 2019 conference marks the 45th annual Waste Management Symposium.  The conference provides an opportunity for stakeholders to connect with the worldwide nuclear community in a forum for discussing and seeking safe and cost-effective solutions to managing and dispositioning radioactive waste and decommissioning nuclear facilities.  The WM 2019 conference will feature more than 500 papers and over 40 panel discussions in 130 plus technical sessions complemented by the industry’s largest annual exhibition of nearly 200 companies.  Registration will open in late August 2018.

For additional information on the Waste Management Conference, please call (480) 557-0263 or email to or visit the organization’s website at  For technical program questions, please contact WM Deputy Managing Director and Program Advisory Committee (PAC) Chair Gary Benda at (803) 317-1116 or at

2017 Hodes Award Nominations Sought

The Southeast Compact Commission for Low-Level Radioactive Waste Management is accepting nominations for the 2017 Richard S. Hodes, M.D. Honor Lecture Award—a program that recognizes an individual, company, or organization that contributed in a significant way to improving the technology, policy, or practices of low-level radioactive waste management in the United States.  The award recipient will present the innovation being recognized at a lecture during the Waste Management ’17 Symposium in Phoenix, Arizona.  The award recipient will receive a $5,000 honorarium and all travel expenses will be paid.

Nominations must be received by August 31, 2016.

Dr. Richard S. Hodes was a distinguished statesman and a lifetime scholar.  He was one of the negotiators of the Southeast Compact law, in itself an innovative approach to public policy in waste management.  He then served as the chair of the Southeast Compact Commission for Low-Level Radioactive Waste Management from its inception in 1983 until his death in 2002.

Throughout his career, Dr. Hodes developed and supported innovation in medicine, law, public policy, and technology.  The Richard S. Hodes, M.D. Honor Lecture Award was established in 2003 to honor the memory of Dr. Hodes and his achievements in the field of low-level radioactive waste management.
The Award

The Richard S. Hodes Honor Lecture Award—established in March, 2003—is awarded to an individual, company, or organization that contributed in a significant way to improving the technology, policy, or practices of low-level radioactive waste management in the United States.

The award recipient will be recognized with a special plaque and an invitation to present a lecture about the innovation during the annual International Waste Management Symposium (WM ’17).  The 2017 symposium is sponsored by the University of Arizona and will be held in Phoenix, Arizona in the spring of 2017.

A special time is reserved during the Symposium for the lecture and the award presentation. The Southeast Compact Commission will provide the award recipient a $5,000 honorarium and will pay travel expenses and per diem (in accordance with Commission Travel Policies) for an individual to present the lecture.

The Richard S. Hodes Honor Lecture Award recognizes innovation industry-wide.  The award is not limited to any specific endeavor—contributions may be from any type of work with radioactive materials (nuclear energy, biomedical, research, etc.), or in any facet of that work, such as planning, production, maintenance, administration, or research.  The types of innovations to be considered include, but are not limited to:

  • conception and development of new approaches or practices in the prevention, management, and regulation of radioactive waste;
  • new technologies or practices in the art and science of waste management; and,
  • new educational approaches in the field of waste management.

The criteria for selection include:

  1. Innovation.  Is the improvement unique? Is it a fresh approach to a standard problem? Is it a visionary approach to an anticipated problem?
  2. Safety.  Does the practice enhance radiation protection?
  3. Economics.  Does the approach produce significant cost savings to government, industry or the public?
  4. Transferability.  Is this new practice applicable in other settings and can it be replicated?  Does it increase the body of technical knowledge across the industry?


To be eligible for the award, the individual/group must consent to being nominated and must be willing to prepare and present a lecture about the innovation being recognized at the Waste Management Symposium.  Individuals or organizations can nominate themselves or another individual, company, institution, or organization.


To nominate yourself or another individual, company, or organization for this distinguished award, please contact:

Awards Committee
c/o Ted Buckner

Executive Director
Southeast Compact Commission
Post Office Box 5427
Cary, NC 27512
(919) 380-7780

(919) 380-7710 – FAX

or visit the Southeast Compact Commission’s website at

Nominations must be received by August 31, 2016.